What is a Spiritual Companion?

A spiritual companion or guide accompanies seekers on their spiritual path, connecting to the life-force that moves us to healing and wholeness of life.

When Would You Seek Such a Person?

  • When you wish to be more open to the Sacred, however you define it.
  • When you are experiencing loss, struggle, disillusionment.
  • When you need encouragement and affirmation at a crossroads.
  • When you wish to integrate spirituality into the whole of your life.
  • When your zest for life has dissipated.
  • When you are fearful and overwhelmed by the work needed for environmental and social justice.
  • When you wish to grow in relationship to self, others, creation, and/or the Sacred.

Diana Vezmar-Bailey

Diana is a certified Spiritual Guide. She has experience and training in individual and group spiritual guidance.

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